Fabric Pens

Recently I wrote a post about Woven labels and Iron-on-labels and now I’m going to tell you more about other stuff that is possible to mark your clothes and stuff with.

You all know how fabric pens looks like and work? It’s usually a black pen and also a little bit sharp so it’s easy to use on all kind of clothes. This is also a very easy and fast way to mark your or your children’s clothes with when you are in a hurry. They don’t really work on dark clothes but often there is usually a white patch somewhere on your jacket or pants and on that patch is it very easy to just put your name. You should also use the pen on clothes and stuff that don’t get washed frequently, because the mark isn’t long-lasting.

Why should I use a fabric pen?

There are a lot of reasons why you should use a fabric pen, it’s very easy to just put your name on a patch with a pen and you only need a few seconds to do it. And why you should use something to mark your clothes with is very easy:

  1. You don’t have to buy new clothes every other week because your old clothes is missing
  2. You help other people to find their clothes when you have marked your clothes
  3. You help kindergarten staff to find right clothes to right children

Where can I get a fabric pen?

There are very many sites on the web that sells fabric pens, but I’m only going to recommend one. And that is Ikasetiket. If you want to have something good to mark your clothes with you should buy fabric pens from Ikastetiket. Use a few dollars or euros and get it right now.

Top 5 easy favorite dishes for toddlers

Food is an important part in a child’s life, the child knows very soon in life, what he/she likes and what is not that good. Here comes some ideas what you can make.

5. Lasagna

An easy dish that the most children likes. Lasagna can be made on very many ways, for example with tuna, salmon or with minced meat. The most common is made from minced meat.

A recipe for lasagna will can be found here.

4. French fries with sausage

A very easy dish that doesn’t require much time. Just slice the sausages and mix them with the french fries and put everything in the oven until the french fries turns golden brown.

3. Spaghetti bolognese

Simple and good dish that works in the most cases. You don’t have to put the corn and the other stuff children don’t like.

Recipe here.


2. Tacos

For an example on Fridays tacos is a good dish. It will be quite messy, but your child can choose her/his favorites and leave out the things he/she doesn’t like. This is also a dish that is very simple to prepare, if you had a longer day and you will be home late. As meat you can use chicken or minced meat and then lettuce, cucumber, tomatoes, pineapple, feta, regular grated cheese, some kind of sauce (for example mild salsa sauce or cream). Kids usually like this dish.

1. Potatoes and meatballs

Meatballs is many children’s favorite dish. Many parents buys meatballs from the store, but try to make your own the next time. Then you can spice it your own way.

A recipe for meatballs –> here.



Top 3 online stores for children clothes

Many parents with young children may have a problem in buying  new clothes for them. You do not want to go to the store with children hanging around your legs. But fortunately there are many stores online, where you can simple order whatever you need, when you on the same time feed your child or put he/her asleep. Here they comes, according to me, the best sites on the internet you can order clothes from and who has the best selections.

1. F&F
–  cheap clothes
– big selection
– for 0-14 yrs

2. H&M Kids
– cheap clothes
– all kinds of clothes
– fast delivery

3. Macys
– 0-16 yrs
– for all kinds of children
– shipping to over 100 countries worldwide


Mark your children’s clothes to avoid them disappearing

A lot of you parents has certainly been through the situation where your children’s clothes are missing because they are too badly marked. Very often when a child is at the kindergarten they are so eager to go and play that the staff have difficulty to see which clothes belongs to who.

Who need name-marking in their clothes?

For children it’s good to have their clothes marked because they usually hang out with many other children, but also older people should mark their clothes so their clothes doesn’t disappear. They who has been on a Christmas-party or another party knows well how easy it is to misplace a cap or a jacket. That problem is easily solved by Iron-on name labels or Woven labels.

vävda namnlappar

How does the Woven labels work?

The woven labels are supposed to be sewn by hand or with a sewing machine. They stand washing up to 90 degrees and also in the dryer. The woven labels is a good way to have a personal name-tag on your clothes, boots etc. You can decide your own font, color etc. Basically you can decide exactly how you want your name tag lo look like, your only stop is your fantasy.

How to attach the iron-on name labels?

Iron-on labels, like the name says, is attached by an iron. Just put the label where you want it, then put on some kind of protection, for example an oven paper, and then iron it for like 15 seconds. Very simple.

märkband kläder och skor

Where can you put your name tags?

Name tags, woven labels, iron-on labels, there are many names for these labels, they can be used on very many things. If you for an example want to put names on your books and CDs, there are labels for that too. You can put them on every kind of clothes and shoes. You can also put them on toys if you have your toys with you when you visit your friends, then its very easy to recognize your own toys.

To draw a brief conclusion every kind of people needs name tags, they are very useful on every kind of clothes and other stuff.